My Story

Vegas E. Sundance (pronounced Vegas E. Sundance) is a recovering mental patient. He was born behind a rock on a steep slope at Yosemite National Park and, as they say, it was all downhill from there.

He developed a love for writing after a pants-wetting incident in the third grade led to him losing all of his friends. He currently resides in a box no bigger than a fridge in the Alaskan territories of Mexico. His place of residence and his mental state make him a perfect candidate to comment on Irish society and indeed society itself.

His work has been translated into 14 different languages but has yet to make sense in one.

Critical Acclaim for Vegas E. Sundance and Rush Hour Rant Blog

“This blog is like the Kama Sutra: It’s sexy, it’s badly illustrated and it becomes increasingly irrelevant the longer you read it.”-The lrish Times

“From the author of ‘Last Week’s Shopping List’ and ‘That Email to Steve- The One About Meeting up for Pints on Friday’, comes one of the most amazing true sagas about events that may not have happened in places that may not exist. Rush Hour Rant is a wurk of pure jeeneeus.”
– Illiterate Movie VoiceOver Guy

“As seriously hilarious as it is hilariously serious, Vegas E. Sundance brings something fresh to the medium of blog…what that is nobody knows but we’re assuming its bullshit. Fresh bullshit.
-Mahattma Ghandi

“This Blog is the bomb!
Seriously, it’s dangerous, it’s noisy and it ruins people’s lives.”

“Irresponsible Journalism at its best.”
-Propaganda Fortnightly

“Vegas E. Sundance is arguably the most influential man of our time…”
-TlME Magazine

“…With the worst fucking blog of our time”
-TlME Magazine Director’s Cut

I don’t need to tell you that all this crap is copyright do I? Cause it is. Legal case coming your way like a storm if you even try to pass this madness off as your own. Gauntlet has been thrown down. (Not at all sure what that means but hope it’s some scary legal term).

35 comments on “My Story

    • Ah go on, I bet you say that to all the weirdos… Interestingly enough I need spellcheck to spell the word weirdo! I before E except after C…and W apparently. Thanks!

  1. Thanks for making me smile. I definitely need to visit your post again. Thanks for the follow as well. Hope you enjoy my future post.

  2. Really good page!! Its a pleasure to read good stuff once in a while…
    Greetings from Venezuela!!

    • Ha thank you. I was pretty excited about your comment- I mean Could it be that you have discovered the only language that my work makes sense in? Then I discovered that there are over 40 official languages in Venezuela! So close and yet so far…

      • Well, I must say first than anything… We only have a official language: Spanish and some étnical dialects spoken by a 10 percent of the country poblation. Maybe you’re confused with Brazil or other country.
        Not all venezuelans speak other languages as English, Français, Portugues, Arabic, etcs… I can’t imagine people speaking 40 languages. Even in Norway with their dialects, do not have that exagerated number.
        So, I trully like your blog, very existentialist. I’m a writer, and I really like to read (obviously) in English or French, and, of course I read about art…
        Then not so close… from the truth… .

    • Glad you enjoy it and thanks for all the nice comments…it makes it all worth while. Actually 1,000,000 positive comments, a book deal and a movie about my life would make it all worth while but 3 nice comments is a good place to start. (By the way I know you’ve only left two but I thought I might embarrass you into another one).

      • Well here it is the third commet – I expect a signed copy of the book and an invite to the movie premier.

      • I said a nice comment not a demanding one. So did you kill the fat man in ‘The Bored Room’?

    • Yeah and I wouldn’t either. If I didn’t have to be here I wouldn’t. So run. Run like the wind my friend.

  3. So this is what would happen if Douglas Adams were to blog. I tip my Pan Galactic Gargleblaster to ya.

    • Thanks Frank,if that is your real name!
      Yeah, thanks a lot!
      Thanks to you I had to tell my wife about this Blog. I was smiling so much after reading your comment that she thought I had just been ‘sexting’ a lady friend.
      I’m a big Douglas Adams fan.

      • Yes, Frank is my real name; as much as I loathe it. I am glad that someone understood the reference, too many people ask who he is. I will go back to lurking in the shadows of your blog. 🙂

  4. I love your about page. I am currently trying to spruce mine up since its so boring. I love your sense of humor..Your about page does make you want to read the rest of it instead of stopping at the first line.Great job.

  5. Fabulous and funny blog! I’ve visited several times but decided today was the day to leave my mark -:)

    • …like a dog urinating on their favourite post!

      Sorry had to do it. there was an unbelievable pun opportunity that couldnt be missed. Post? Anyone?
      No seriously though thank you for visiting. I really love the company.

      • Yes you did…LOL no seriously, it’s my pleasure to visit such a humorous persons blog.

      • Damn it I just updated my last reply to you hoping you hadn’t read it. I think I was too late by a second! But the refined reply is a lot less insulting…all I saw was the pun and didn’t realize insinuating you were a dog might not be the nicest thing to do. In a nut shell I don’t think you are a dog or possess canine attributes in any way, I hope you understand it was the pun I was after. Thanks for reading and please come back again.

      • I was not offended….LOL I did look like a shaggy mutt before I went to the salon the morning. Haha!

    • Thanks Big Ted! I think I remember something about a gravatar but I went looking for it after I read your commemt but can’t find it! I’m glad you stopped by too. And thanks for the great comment. Hope to see you back.

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