16 comments on “Things I’ve Learned Today About Self Esteem and my Apparent Obsession with Ryan Gosling

  1. This is too funny! I really like the message you’re putting across here, more people need to read this! Thanks for putting this information out there! I really like the humor sentiments here as well 🙂

    • Thank you. And here I was sitting in my crumby cell thinking nobody likes me! Thanks again. Oh and don’t read any other posts of mine. The rest of them are shite!

  2. I love words with full stops after them. They. Add. So. Much. Drama. To. A. SENTENCE. Thank you for the mix of compliment and comment. Or what I like to call a commentpliment.

  3. I laugh out so loud that my friends think I am losing my mind. Thank you for brightening my morning, it’s already rain outside. Lucky. Me. to. have. found. this. (am I dramatic enough?)

    • You have friends? I didn’t think bloggers were allowed to have friends! You’d better not mention this to anyone else. Thanks for reading.

      • oh no. Are you telling me that they are all imaginary friends? Am I making them all in my own mind?
        yes. I guess it’s better to be kept between you and me.

    • Good ol’ Crazy B living up to her name. And I suppose they were tears of anger welling up in those eyes of yours at the end of the movie? Don’t you even think about lying to me Crazy B. You sobbed like a lost child in a supermarket, didn’t you? Didn’t you.

      • Dang it, you got me! And I now measure a guy’s worthiness by whether he’s willing to dangle himself from a ferris wheel for me. (You’ll die if I don’t go out with you? How romantic!!)

  4. Haha! I WAS thinking what a crummy couple of days I’ve had till I realised just now….nobody’s bundled Me into a minivan!…….Yet! So thanks! Enjoyed this…

  5. O.o it is statistically impossible to have accurate statistics anyway. They all follow what ever role who ever wanted them to have. No matter how the data was collected. So pulling it out of your shitty arsehole at 3am while finger banging the orangutang at the local hardware is totally acceptable to me. To which my wife is now praying that you don’t stalk us and tie me up to anally probe me with a red hot iron poker.

    As for a more serious comment since I probably epically failed at being funny. Self esteem is a needed thing. Reality is not.

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