6 comments on “Things I’ve Learned Today About Widgets

  1. Perhaps, but would you really want a distressing damsel widget? All that whining and nagging and griping and complaining… No thank you mate.

    • Ah yes I see your point. Hadn’t thought of that. That would be incredibly annoying. Lucky I didn’t go for that one. The only widget that showed any sign of distress was my ‘most popular post’ widget.

  2. I find widgets rather disturbing, like the one I have running a slide show. If no one’s there does it still run? Running aimlessly, with no one to care? Or the widget that runs a badge for whatever and you click on it and you are swept away to a website run by a Canadian mob that smuggles maple syrup to Cuba. Love your blog, by the way. Lucy

    • Thank you for coming back! Wow that is a lot of widgets on your site? Is that another blog of yours or did you totally revamp the old one with Monty python? Anyway I just saw your slideshow proving once and for all that it still runs when nobody is watching. Also, like squirrels much?

      • Well, thank you for stopping by. Isn’t that slide show a useless waste of energy? We have a lot of squirrels in the trees, hence, in the yard. I took to watching their behaviors because I am fond of the tail-Is ss squirrel, Bilbo. Yep, I have two blogs. Why have one when you can have two? Do you think I’ve overdone the widgets thing? Lucy

      • Over done the widget thing? Nah! Why have one widget when you can have two (thousand). Yeah my folks have a squirrel in their back garden too. They’re really fast! I tried to catch him, but just ended up wrapping my car around an apple tree.

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