17 comments on “The Rant has a Go at A Blog Award.

  1. So it was all a scam? I suppose the ABC award is part of it which we, not you, fell for. I knew something was afoot when Sonya gets nominated for two awards on the same day. Have you told her yet?

    • okay, I’ll let her know.. Now I have to contact all my nominees for the ABC and tell them. I should never had told them. Next time I will go with my gut feeling. I always go with my gut feeling, but Sonya, well, I thought it might be real. Lucy

      • No dont. listen. Nothing happens if you do it. And it’s nice that someone chose you genuinely thinking your blog is good. It’s not like its a virus or anything so just leave it and the next time you get nominated just thank them. That’s it. I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Or maybe just send her a BASTARD Award?

      • okay. And thank you for thinking of me for the Sunshine award. But wait, you will be hearing from me shortly. For the zero to hero I’ve written a post about some comments you and I made. Ha ha Ha

  2. Eh? What comments? I was drunk! I needed the money! My mum made those comments! [insert believable excuse here] etc etc. No seriously what comments. I have the power to veto!

  3. Really enjoyed your post but I know it’s hard for some people to knock back something that seems to come from a lovely, caring, sharing person.

    • I know. I received 3 awards from 3 people who I believe were genuinely saying ‘Well done’. But then I saw what I had to do for them and was all like…huh? Though even when people ask how my blog is going I say: ‘Ah sure not bad. I won 3 awards there. They’re a pretty big deal’.

  4. I was able to punch myself in the face and maim another human being while doing my cartwheels, so that takes care of three of them in a matter of minutes.

    • Absolutely! Cause we all know the healing benefits from meme spreading. I mean if this wont cure cancer I dont know what will. certainly not research thats for sure! Trojan work we’ll be doing in the fight against cancer! Doctors and scientists get out of our way cause we’re blazing the Meme trail…

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