2 comments on “The Rant Has A Go At The Winter Olympics

  1. As the stereotypical American who makes assumptions about other countries based on movies, I would have to say you need a mud boarding event (ala Amy Adam’s character falling down a muddy hillside in Leap Year), and it wouldn’t hurt to have an event where a guy sends you messages all along the way to cheat sheet your way through an obstacle course we call life (P.S. I Love You).

    Also, we need a Climate Change Olympics. What would those games entail?

    • Ah yes Leap Year and P.s. I Love You. Possibly two of the deepest, most provocative, most defining movies of our time…God knows what that says about our times. I have never seen either bur interesting fact though, I spent a week with Cecilia Ahern in a hotel. Not like that!! Our kids went to the same crèche in the hotel. Also by climate change Olympics do you mean like beach volleyball in the Antarctic? Ps I love you too.

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