13 comments on “Things I’ve Learned Today About The Sunshine Award

    • I did not get that nomination. So I say to you that it is a phony nomination! Where are all these awards coming from and do they actually mean anything? Im going to write an angry post about it!

      • Just before you posted me I was wondering how you’re supposed to know you’ve been nominated. Something could have been lost in the instructions. So, besides you I have notified the other 4 blogs.I already looked up both the awards and they do exist. I was a bit skeptical, too.. The instructions for the ABC are a lot easier than the Sunshine. But, do notify your nominees. I thought you had gotten the notice and that you were paying me back with the sunshine. That’s why I called you stinker. Sorry. Lucy

      • But what do you mean Legit? How do the people over at the “Sunshine Award” know you’ve been nominated? I wasnt given any way to contact them or let them know!

      • I have no idea. We were each nominated for an award by Sonya Lira. Get in touch via her photo blog and find out if she knows before I have to write any more stuff about myself. Lucy

      • It sounds an awful lot like a chain letter, doesn’t it. If we each keep nominating, the entire blogosphere will be up for the awards.

  1. Mr Weirder thanks for the nomination…thought I am not sure about the award and its conditions.
    Surely, you cannot have a serious award without a small print similar to: ‘If you break the chain by refusing to accept this award, twenty angels would be forced to leave Heaven and live on Earth to its bitter end.’

    • Yeah I know. Check out my post The Rant Has A Go at A Blog Award. I realized these were bullshit after I nominated you. I’ve won 2 awards since but haven’t touched them. Sorry about that but I did nominate you cause I liked your blog so take some solace in that and scrap the Award.

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