11 comments on “The Rant Has A Go At…Reputation

  1. No way! The minivan thing happened to you too??!! Stranger and stranger… 😀
    Funny to the bone yet again…The Rant is definitely building a repute…

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  3. LOL, I loved it! Hilarious! I am a retired psychologist, who has always been late also! I know when I die, “the late helen holshouser” will only seem normal!
    In grad school, I had a professor who was a Freudian, analytic kind of guy–you can imagine the hay day he had with my tardiness–resistence.. avoidance…lack of sexuality…LOL! At graduation, he shook my hand , and said he’d decided that for me, it was just a lifestyle! LOL I loved it! Helen

    • Hi Helen, I hope you didn’t retire on my account? The world needs psychologists now more than ever! Come on out of retirement! I could be your case study. Just puttin it out there…

    • That’s because with age comes wisdom! I’m just wise before my time. Thanks for stopping by Kathy and don’t be a stranger…cause nobody likes strangers, do they? No they don’t.

  4. You want to know what I think about reputation? Hold on while I drive over it with my studded SUV tires…LOL

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